Change Equals Growth

Realize change is necessary for growth. Take a lesson from trees, as even they know this. A tree changes and transforms each season, do they not? What season are you in?

What’s Your Favorite Letter

What’s a pirate’s favorite letter?

You may think it’s ARRRR, but nay, his first love be the C.

Happy Talk like a Pirate Day, matey!

Don’t Be Jealous

Don’t be jealous—I’m still a hot babe that can fit into something from high school!!!

Giving Thanks

Give thanks for the challenges in life. For without them, how will we know the sense of pride and accomplishment after we get through them?


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Reason to Celebrate

Celebrate family!

Whether it’s traditional, nontraditional, blended, mixed, or plain old crazy, celebrate the love, traditions, and memories that make your family AMAZING!


Have you picked your attitude today?

You know… it is up to you today to make a choice.

Pick your attitude like you do your clothes and just see where that takes you.

Remember to wear it all day!

National Grandparents Day!

Let the good times roll!

As National Grandparent’s Day, reflect on your favorite memories with your Granny & Gramps!

Tell me, what’s you’re favorite memory? For me, well…I can just smell those oatmeal raisin cookies, now!

Ready for an Adventure?

Happy Saturday!

Every day is an adventure … explore, seek and be surprised!

Day of Remembrance

On this Day of Remembrance, take time to truly feel a bit more today.

Call your mom.

Hold the door open for the elderly couple.

Smile at a stranger.

Hug your loved ones a few seconds longer.

Thank a Veteran, active soldier, a police officer.

Show gratitude in your actions, because it could all change in a moment’s notice.