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Pajama Party Featured in Maple Grove Magazine!

Thank you Maple Grove Magazine for the feature and helping with the Ultimate Pajama Party! Remember the next time your shopping for your own comfy pair of pajamas, consider buying two and donating the second pair to the Pajama Party Campaign, or directly to a shelter or crisis center. Help me reach my goal by […]


It’s been incredible to respond to so many regarding the release of I’m a Girl … That’s Why! I want to say THANK YOU to all of you who have reached out to be part of the MOVEMENT… with a HUGE Thank You to the contributors who made this award-worthy compilation possible.  The young women […]

Raising a Reader:: A Mother’s Perspective

As a mother of three, professional speaker, author, and business strategist, I know firsthand how important reading is starting at an early age.  In fact, it is one of the very reasons why I became an author; to write books that encourage writers to write, readers to read, and children to imagine. While in the […]

Imperfectly Perfect

I’m here to tell you that it’s okay to be stretched thin and worn and tattered. It’s okay to feel as if you have given every last ounce of yourself and you don’t think you can give an inch more. It’s okay to have a disaster of a house and crying kids and no food […]


Rules are made to keep us in check. But at the same time, stretching the rules is sometimes needed, as well. Truth be told, I’ve never been one to follow the rules, anyway…


Just breathe.   Take big breaths and in and out slowly.   This is an excellent exercise for the moments that are escalating recently and you cannot keep up.   I promise.  Concentrate on your breath and the present moment.  All is well.  

Change = Growth

Realize that change is necessary for growth.   You aren’t the same person you were 10 years ago.  Nor will you be the same person you are today 10 years from now.   Change can be painful.  Change can be freeing.  But most of all, change is growth, and that’s a beautiful thing.

Happy Halloween!

Have you seen my broom?? The one day it’s socially acceptable to be riding it around, Tom Terrific with a capital T must have hid it from me!   That’s okay, I’m not too worried…I’ve got 364 more days to haunt him about it!   Happy Halloween!!!

Be You

Be confident in who you are.   Be steadfast in your strength.   Be courageous in every step you take.   And most of all, be so happy that when others look at you, they become happy too.