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A/B test Cia

A/B testing is a marketing research method that allows you to compare user reactions to different versions of the same product or its presentation. In the case of pills to increase the potency of Cialis, A/B testing can be carried out, for example, as follows:

Divide users into two groups randomly.
One group should be offered tablets with their usual packaging.
Another group should be offered tablets in a new package.
Analyze how users from each group react to the pills.
Compare the results and determine if the packaging influences the purchase decision.

It is important to note that conducting A/B testing must be ethical and cannot involve cheating users. In addition, before conducting such testing, it is necessary to make sure that it complies with the legislation and internal regulations of the company.

It is also worth considering that A/B testing is not a universal solution for all marketing tasks. It can only be effective in certain situations and for certain products.

Remember that before taking any medications, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

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Pajama Party Featured in Maple Grove Magazine!

Thank you Maple Grove Magazine for the feature and helping with the Ultimate Pajama Party!

Remember the next time your shopping for your own comfy pair of pajamas, consider buying two and donating the second pair to the Pajama Party Campaign, or directly to a shelter or crisis center. Help me reach my goal by following the links and finding out more about the Ultimate Pajama Party, and stay tuned here for more updates!


It’s been incredible to respond to so many regarding the release of I’m a Girl … That’s Why!

I want to say THANK YOU to all of you who have reached out to be part of the MOVEMENT… with a HUGE Thank You to the contributors who made this award-worthy compilation possible.  The young women showcased in this book will inspire thousands of girls around the globe to be proud of their thoughts and feelings, instilling confidence and giving reason and permission for celebration.  



THANK YOU for showing your STENGTH

THANK YOU for stepping into the sun to be SEEN

THANK YOU for sharing your VOICE


Thank you to the many who have made this project possible and can’t wait to see how we all use our unique gifts to make a difference with the I’m a Girl Movement#ImAGirl

New Release by Kittleson Creek Press

So excited to have another fabulous title and author added to the Kittleson Creek Press family!  Be sure to check out Rebecca Undem and join me on Wednesday, October 12 to celebrate motherhood and finding your groove again!  


Raising a Reader:: A Mother’s Perspective

As a mother of three, professional speaker, author, and business strategist, I know firsthand how important reading is starting at an early age.  In fact, it is one of the very reasons why I became an author; to write books that encourage writers to write, readers to read, and children to imagine.

While in the throngs of motherhood, each of my children loved to read and be read to, however, that was not without its own set of challenges.  What is now called the “summer slide” in reading, so many children do not have access to books or reading materials when they are not in school, and it takes a toll once the child enters the school year again.  So much so, that teachers take the first few weeks just to play catch-up and get everyone back on track from the previous year just a few months prior.  Taking the time to read every day with your children not only fosters bonding and imagination, but instills the importance of reading, writing, and vocabulary.  These three elements will prove to be highly sought after in their adult life; not just for educational purposes.

However, it’s not always that easy.  My middle daughter had a learning disability in reading that proved to be frustrating for not only her, but as her parent witnessing how she wanted so badly to be able to read by herself and unfortunately compared herself to other classmates.  Knowing how important it would be for her future, we collaborated with her teachers to strategize ideas and opportunities, as well as utilized additional resources through Sylvan Learning Center.  By taking a proactive approach, we were able to maintain and grow with her disability and foster a great collaboration with her teachers to ensure a positive learning environment.  As a soon-to-be Senior in college, I’d say the time and dedication in elementary and high school was well worth it.

Another family dynamic we developed was Drop Everything and Read. During the summer, each child had a designated week to be the Read Leader.   As Read Leader, at any time they could say during the day “drop everything and read!” no matter what time of the day it was. This gave them power to make decisions and everyone in the family had to stop everything and read for 20 minutes. Our kids still do it in their adult lives. To be honest it was not always convenient during dishes, bath time, or meal prep, but we honored it. Looking back it was precious uninterrupted time.

Reading is a lifelong skill; one that must be refined and worked on well into adulthood.  To foster that love at an early age will only enhance one’s life.

Exactly as You Are

Be who God knows you to be, not who others want you to be. Remember, you are already perfect in the eyes of the Lord.


The best type of friends are the ones that you don’t realize you’re making memories, you’re just having fun. Take the time to call a friend today, and be sure to poise pad up!


Need a good giggle? Be careful who’s behind the Charmin!

Imperfectly Perfect

I’m here to tell you that it’s okay to be stretched thin and worn and tattered. It’s okay to feel as if you have given every last ounce of yourself and you don’t think you can give an inch more. It’s okay to have a disaster of a house and crying kids and no food in the fridge to eat.

Why? Because you’re real. You’re human. And God loves us just the way we are. Imperfectly perfect.


Rules are made to keep us in check. But at the same time, stretching the rules is sometimes needed, as well. Truth be told, I’ve never been one to follow the rules, anyway…