Years of business experience put to work.

Reneé Rongen leverages her years of business experience with her proven skill set to tap into individual potential and serve as a partner to help those she works with reach their personal, professional and profitability goals.   Committed to helping individuals reach their full potential, Reneé will work to identify the areas that are in need of extra focus, energy and direction.  Together you will build a strategy to reach your goals in the timeline that works for you.

What you can expect when working with Reneé:

  • Adding a champion to your network who wants to see you succeed
  • Help in developing your personal goals and areas for improvement
  • Assistance in building a strategic plan; personalized to meet your individual needs
  • A partner to keep you accountable, assuring you are taking the steps needed to move closer to your goals
  • A sounding board for struggles, roadblocks and detours; who is there to remove barriers to your success

Your Coaching Investment Includes:

  1. Pre – Assessment: To help prepare for the launch of your Coaching Engagement, you will be given a questionnaire to complete in advance of your Initial Consult.  This document will help identify key points to include in your Individualized Action Plan.  Once completed, this document is to be shared with Reneé one week in advance of your Initial Consult.
  2. Initial Consult: Diving into a powerful conversation, Reneé will schedule time to review your Assessment and better understand how best to meet your needs and expectations for your Coaching experience. Agenda for the conversation will include: a review your current goals, needs assessment as well as your thoughts and ideas for how best to move forward in the right direction.  Please allow one hour.
  3. Individualized Action Plan:  Based on the findings of the consult; within 10 days, Reneé will design and suggest an individualized package and timeline to be mutually agreed upon to move forward with the coaching engagement. You will review the plan in depth with Reneé, adjusting if needed to fit your abilities and expectations.
  4. Ongoing Accountability: Following your Action Plan, you will begin working with Reneé to make progress toward your goals. You can expect meetings in the form of: phone calls, email exchanges, Skype meetings or face to face opportunities if identified as needed within the Action Plan.
  5. Celebrating Achievement: Along your path to reach your goals, you will reach milestones in your journey that will not go unnoticed.  Your coach and cheerleader, Reneé, will be there to support, celebrate and encourage you to think bigger and bolder!

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Renee’ is the very best coach out there We did a deep dive together which was an intense two- day strategy session. From there we launched into my business and personal strategy for achieving my goals and dreams. We have worked together for a year! The very, very BEST INVESTMENT I have made in my life!”

Rebecca U. Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author

“Renee’ is so much more than a coach! I began in her women’s executive coaching year long program and left with a new friend and a new confidence in my business model. My business has never been better. Profit margins are up nearly 30%, and I am living my personal best self, thanks to Renee’s coaching program. She is the SECRET SAUCE to life!”

Heidi F. VP, Telecommunications Industry

You are a CONNECTOR! Thank you a hundred times over for believing in me and connecting me with amazing resources through your coaching program. I love that you honed in and customized material and assignments to my travel and personal schedule. And thanks for gently and sometimes firmly pushing me always further. I got this coach!

Shelly T. Entrepreneur, Entertainment Industry

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