Sometimes the lessons in life are found in the detours … keep your eyes wide open for the people God puts in your journey.

Tuesday’s Tip of the Day

Rockin’ Renee Tuesday Tip of the Day:


A dream is just a goal with a deadline. When was the last time you set out to accomplish a goal? It takes time, dedication, and determination, but you can do it! Mondays are a great day to start, even if it’s something small. Share with me—what goal are you setting your eyes upon?

Change Equals Growth

Realize change is necessary for growth. Take a lesson from trees, as even they know this. A tree changes and transforms each season, do they not? What season are you in?

What’s Your Favorite Letter

What’s a pirate’s favorite letter?

You may think it’s ARRRR, but nay, his first love be the C.

Happy Talk like a Pirate Day, matey!

Don’t Be Jealous

Don’t be jealous—I’m still a hot babe that can fit into something from high school!!!

Giving Thanks

Give thanks for the challenges in life. For without them, how will we know the sense of pride and accomplishment after we get through them?


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Reason to Celebrate

Celebrate family!

Whether it’s traditional, nontraditional, blended, mixed, or plain old crazy, celebrate the love, traditions, and memories that make your family AMAZING!


Have you picked your attitude today?

You know… it is up to you today to make a choice.

Pick your attitude like you do your clothes and just see where that takes you.

Remember to wear it all day!