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The Power of Saying “Thank You”

Who was the last person you thanked? Sometimes we forget to give a simple “thank you.” Even just for those little moments that make us experience a moment of joy. Watch my video for how to live your legacy and be thankful today!

What is Success to You?

How do you value success? What do you look at in your life that makes you feel happy, proud, and fulfilled? People value their success on a variety of levels – a great job, a big house, or anything else. To me, it’s living humbly. Live humbly today.

Live Your Legacy

Do you ever stop and think about what you’ll leave in life? How you live your life now will leave a legacy for those you leave behind. Live it!

Who Are Some of Your Female Heroes?

Who are some of the most influential females in your life? Whether they’re relatives or friends, how have they touched you? Think of those people and celebrate them. It can be sending a note of thinks, reliving a memory, or saying a prayer. Let’s celebrate those powerful, amazing women.

Soak Up the Grateful Moments

Today’s dose is all about gratitude. We all know about gratitude, and we all want to be grateful. But sometimes it’s easy to turn the most simple, grateful moment in to a crazy, self-sabotaging moment. Watch this video to see what I mean.

You Were Made for More

Ever feel like you’ve hit your potential? Whether it’s in your career, your family life, or with your friends – you haven’t! Remember that there’s always something new to learn in every aspect of your life.